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Minecraft Inventions

Minecraft Inventions is a custom maps, mods & skins community. Browse through hundreds of creations shared by other users, or upload and promote your own inventions. You can use filters to find exactly what you are looking for: maps, mods, skins, most liked, most commented, etc.

Minecraft Achievements

Minecraft Achievements is a noob-friendly, easy-to-use guide for Minecraft achievements in the PC, Playstation and Xbox editions. Choose your platform, pick an achievement and you will get a detailed explanation with pictures and recipes.

Share Minecraft Videos

Let’s plays, tutorials, showcases, trailers, … This website is all about Minecraft videos! Literally several hundreds of videos have already been shared by users all over the world. Want to promote your own YouTube channel? Just fill in the link to your channel and the video and you are done, no registration required!

Minecraft Animals

Minecraft Animals is a wiki about all animals/mobs in Minecraft. Do you know all mobs? Think again! You can also find out which mob you resemble the most, by clicking “Which Minecraft animal are you?” in the menu. Once you found out, share it with your friends to find out which mob they resemble!

Minecraft Servers List

Are you looking for an amazing Minecraft server to play on with your friends? This website contains hundreds of great websites, with different categories: survival, creative, spleef, PvP, Hunger Games, factions, etc. Are you a server owner? You can easily add your own server and even get sponsored.

Minecraft Quiz

Are you a Minecraft pro or just a noob? Take this short Minecraft quiz consisting of 10 unique questions every time you take the quiz. Can you make it to the top 100 leaderboard and beat your friends? Challenge your friends, neighbours, enemies and show off your result on social networks!

Minecraft Memes

Laugh your ass off with these user submitted Minecraft memes or create your own meme with the meme generator on our website! Browse through hundreds of memes that have already been submitted and send them to your friends.

Minecraft Seed

Looking for Minecraft seeds, for PC or Pocket Edition? This website contains amazing seeds for the newest versions of Minecraft, both PC and PE, but also for older versions. Did you find a great seed? Share them on the website easily!